Wealth Management: Definition, Characteristics, and Utility

Wealth Management Defined

Wealth management is not a new phenomenon. For example, in Ancient Rome, Roman senators sought the professional services of financial advisors in order to help them make informed decisions on lending out their money. In the contemporary society, an increasing number of people are seeking to understand the best practices as regards to wealth management. The UK is no exception- many UK residents are seeking viable and sustainable wealth management solutions both at home and abroad. 

The Executive Review magazine explains the term wealth management refers to investment advisory practices that incorporate portfolio management, investment advice, and accounting in order to help an individual make a sound decision on where and how to retain the wealth as well as invest it. Wealth managers may follow their client throughout their entire life. 

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Factors to Consider When Investing £100,000

The UK government has brought a number of reforms in the legislation, otherwise known as the pension freedoms. The new laws took effect from April 2015. The main aim of these changes is to widen the financial investment space and open up more opportunities more so to people who are not wealthy. In other words, individuals can do what they choose to do with their hard-earned cash. In addition to that, one should bear in mind that from the age of 55, one can access his or her accumulated sum right way. However, this one can work to one’s advantage or disadvantage. On one hand, it can help one to make consequential decisions on how to manage the fund for optimal benefits. On the other hand, it can make your funds vulnerable to failure.

Factors to Consider When Investing £100,000

The following are the major factors to consider when investing your pension pot:

-How long you are able to invest

-The access you prefer to your investment

-Risk considerations


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What is Retail Investment?

Retail Investment Defined

The term retail investment refers to a financial transaction which involves buying and selling of stock for the personal account and not for a company or organisation. It is buying and selling of stock in small quantities. The term retail investment is synonymous to individual investment. A professional who serves the financial needs of the individual investor is referred to as a retail broker.

It could be said that the opposite of retail investment is an institutional investment. In fact, the retail investment thrives in the shadow of institutional investment. A professional who serves the needs of institutional investors is known as an institutional broker.

Notable Statistics and Information

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5 Most Luxurious Places to Travel in the World

One of the most thrilling experiences is going for a luxurious trip. And to say the obvious, a luxurious trip can be an expensive trip. Again, the season of the travel is a great determinant, peak or off peak. However, this does not mean that it is not affordable. Furthermore, there are tourist destinations that will give offers and discounts more so when its guests book as a group.

Having stated that, it is worth exploring the most luxurious places in the world.

5 Most Luxurious Places to Travel in the World

Musha Cay

Musha Cay is a private island that is located in the Exuma Chain, Southern Bahamas. It was designed by Howard Holtzman, the famous architect and is owned by David Copperfield. Musha Continue reading 5 Most Luxurious Places to Travel in the World